2017/08/25 12:09

"Denim Talk" / 「デニムトーク」

「良いデニムは絶対に洗うな」というくらい、良質なデニムは洗わず、清潔に保つのがデニム本来の仕上げを維持 する最善の方法です。


The Brilliant EPURO(ザ・ブリリアント・エピュロ)の使用をお勧めします!The Brilliant EPUROは防臭・抗菌ができる、100%天然のエッセンシャルオイルを配合した万能スプレーです。表面が全体的に少し湿り気をおびる程度にスプレーするだけで、製品に配合された界面活性剤が 生地表面の汚れに働き、生地を傷めることなく、匂いの原因となる根本の汚れやシミを除去します。



"Wear the ever, wash them never"
When it comes to cleaning and caring for your beloved denim there's a few things you should know!

First of all, do NOT machine wash your quality pieces of denim! 
Now you might be thinking, 'that's a little disgusting'. 
However, washing your denim may cause the fibres in your denim to break down. 
This, in turn, causes your denim to lose the distinct indigo colour and its original finish. 

So, what should you do? 
Use a denim refresher spray to remove small stains and remove odours. This also helps to prolong the time between washes. 
We recommend using The Brilliant EPRO Denim Refresher pray (available in our store!). 
Spray the refresher on the inside and outside of your denim. 
If needed, grab a damp cloth and dab over areas that need a little more care! 

If your denim is really in need of a wash, use cold water mixed with denim detergent to hand wash and then hangup to dry. 
In the case of jeans, don't forget to turn them inside out when washing. 

Thanks for reading!